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Breeding Contract
I,____________________________________________________, (owner as shown
on the mare's certificate of Registration) hereby agree to breed__________________
Registration number___________________age_______to the Stallion: An Early Invitation, registration number 3896376 and pay the stud fee: $600.00.  Mare will
be sent to farm, (approx) on:______Circle that apply: Wet (foal born, date)_____- Dry - Maiden. The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement. A copy of the mares papers front and back must accompany this contract.
1. A non-refundable booking fee of $100 is payable to D~N~A Quarter Horses when
    this contract is signed and returned. This fee is applied to the total breeding fee
    but is not refundable.
The balance of the breeding fee, plus all veterinary
    charges will be due and payable when the mare is picked up.
2. Breeder will exercise judgement in the care and supervision of the mare and/or
    foal.  Breeders veterinarian will examine mare for normal breeding conditions
    and will administer medical care as deemed necessary for the health and
    safety of the mare and/or foal. All veterinarin and farrier expenses will be paid
    by the mare owner.
3. I agree to accept full responsibility for any veterinarian expense incurred by my
    mare and foal. Such charges shall be paid whether or not the mare is settled or
    mare and/or foal is deceased. Veterinarian charges will be billed to D~N~A
    Quarter Horses and expenses will be rebursed to them when the mare is picked
4. All mare must have a negative coggins test within the last year and must be
   vaccinated against Equine Viral Abortion, Influenza, and Strangles.
5. The breeder agrees to diligently try to settle the mare. If, however, she does not
    settle, the stallion owner nor the attending breeder will not be held responsible.
6. If for any reason the mare is unable to be settled in a reasonable period of time
    another mare may be substituted with the approval of the stallion owner.
7. I understand that the stallion owner, the attending veterinarian and/or
    their agents, employees and breeder will not be held responsible for
    accidents, sickness, or death to mare and/or foal.
8. I agree that a live foal is guaranteed for this mating. Should the mare prove
    barren, re-absorb or abort her foal, the foal be born stillborn, or the foal not
    stand and nurse, the mare owner shall be entitled to return privileges. This
    will apply only if the stallion owner is notified within one week from the foaling
    date. This notice must be accompanied by a veterinarians statement. Under
    the foregoing circumstances and upon receipt of the specified notice, It is
a. Stallion owner shall give to the mare owner a return privilege to the stallion the
    following year
only and to the same mare originally booked (unless otherwise
    mutually agreed in writing between mare owner and stallion owner).
b. If the mare owner fails to deliver the mare (or substitute mare if mutually
    agreed as stated above) for re-breeding the following year, then any and
    all fees paid shall be forfeited; the right to rebreed is thereby canceled and
    the stallion owner is released from any further obligation whatsoever.
c. If the mare dies or becomes unfit to breed then another mare may be
    substituted if approved by the stallion owner.
9. The owner of any mare who returns for a re-breeding must pay a non-
    refundable booking fee of $100 payable to D~N~A Quarter Horses. The
    fees for veterinarian services must be paid in full when the mare is left
    farm from re-breeding at D~N~A Quarter Horses
10. It is further agreed that should the above stallion die or become unfit for
      service only part of the breeding fee, $300 for An Early Invitation will be paid
      back or a return service to another stallion if one is purchased by D~N~A
      Quarter Horses.
11. The Stallion Service Certificate will be issued only if the foal stands and
      nurses and same is reported to the stallion owner.
12. This Contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. In
      the event the mare is sold or otherwise disposed of prior to the birth
      of the foal, the Live Foal Guarantee will no longer be valid.
13. This agreement is is subject to the provisions of IB 32-8-29-1 (Liveryman's
      Lien), to additionally include breeding fee.
14. This contract is non-assignable and non-transferable except as stated above.
      This contract is entered into in the State of Minnesota and shall be interpreted
       and enforced under the laws of this Sate. Should any clause be against State
       law that individual clause shall be null and void.
15. Should either party breach this contract, the breaching party shall pay for the
      others court costs and attorneys fees related to such a breach.
16. The signing of this contract entitles the breeder to charge 12% annual
       interest on any past due invoices. Past due billing is defined as those
      amounts not paid within 30 days of the invoice.
17. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other
      agreements of promises, verbal of implied, are included unless specifically
      stated in this written contract. Additional agreements should be individually
      initialed by each party.
18. If shipped semen is requested. A separate contract is required and where
      applicable is attached to and made a part of this agreement.
If using
    shipped semen return both contracts.
19. Mare Care Per Day: Dry $12.00 / Wet $15.00 / Blanketed extra $5.00
20. If mare and/or foal are insured. Company:_________________________
Policy No.______________________Telephone No.____________________
Signed: Mare Owner_________________________________________________
Printed: Mare Owner_________________________________________________
Approved:_____________________________Approval date:________________
You are required to take a copy of this after you've signed the contract and before sending to the stallion owner for your own records .