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Transported Cooled Semen Agreement
I,________________________________________(mare owner) have agreed to
breed_____________________________(name of mare) to An Early Invitation
in ______ breeding season and hereby request cooled semen be transported for
said breeding under the following terms and conditions:
1. A $450 deposit fee accompanies this contract. Of which the $150 shipping
    fees (includes standard shipping to mare owner but no return shipment cost)
    will be subtracted from the deposit fee as shipments are made. The money left
    over after mare is confirmed in foal will be reimbursed to the mare owner.
2. If the mare does not settle after three shipments of semen, that mare must come
    to the farm to be bred AI with fresh semen - unless prior arrangements are
    made with the Stallion Owner.  No live cover.
3. The stud fee of $600 must be paid in full before the semen will be shipped.
4. A refundable semen container deposit of $250 must be paid to D~N~A Quarter
    Horses. If container is late or lost in shipping the container deposit will pay for
    the daily late fees and/or pay for the container itself if lost to, D~N~A Quarter
    Horses. The $250 will be refunded to the mare owner at end of breeding
    season provided all containers are returned in a timely fashion and upon
    notification of the breeding status of the mare.
5. Damage to the semen container or contents will be deducted from the container
6. A charge of $30.00 per day will be deducted from the shipping container deposit
    if the container is not received within five days from the day the semen was
7. The breeding must be done at a QUALIFIED BREEDING FACILITY or under
     strict supervision of an
that have regular timely teasing programs and where the mares are examined
     by ultrasound to assess breeding time.
8. Semen will be collected on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Shipped at
    4:00 pm Fed Ex.
9. The mare owner or representative must:
a. Notify D~N~A Quarter Horses when the mare comes into heat.
b. Give D~N~A Quarter Horses 48 hours notice when semen is needed.
c. Have a qualified veterinarian inseminate the mare within 24 hours of the
      semen collection.
d. Notify Stallion owner of time and date of collections be filling the AQHA
Insemination report and returning this to the stallion owner within in 5 days of
insemination and keeping a copy for themselves.
e. Notify the Stallion Owner of ultrasound results at 18 days after insemination.
f. Pay all fees required for shipped semen registry with AQHA and/or what
association their foal is eligible for.
10. The Stallion Owner will:
a. Ship live and viable semen to purchaser in a timely manner.
b. Complete required forms in a timely manner.
11. If, there is insufficient semen to fulfill all requests on a particular day, priority will
      be given to Purchasers with fees paid in full and with on farm mares most likely
      to concieve on this date, as determined by information by Purchasers Veter- 
      inarian or Breeding Technician.
12. Approximate date mare is expected to be bred:______________________
13. Name and address where the semen will be shipped to: _____________________
This agreement does hereby become part of the Stallion Service Agreement bet-
ween the owner and D~N~A Quarter Horses dated_________________ and
subject conditions therein
Printed Mare Owner:_____________________________________________________
Signed: Mare owner:_____________________________________________________
Approved:__________________________Approved Date:______________________
You are required to take a copy of this after you've signed the contract and before sending to the stallion owner for your own records .